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ISTIQ Noise Control has created comprehensive lines of Acoustic Wall Systems to meet the changing and demanding needs that are faced by architects and professional interior designers. We offer a variety of core materials and finishes for unlimited options. Traditional acoustical products focus on sound absorption. While absorption is an important ingredient, effective acoustical design can only be realized with a balanced approach that uses all of the ingredients in the acoustical palette.


ISTIQ Acoustic Wall Systems are suitable for a wide spectrum of applications. It is individually designed to suit everyone's need where sound absorption and value are the main criteria. The systems provide absorption, modulated and fractal diffusion, variable acoustic performance, structural acoustics, electronic architecture and multi dimensional shape optimization.

Typical applications are in auditoriums, theaters, offices, libraries, recording studios, listening rooms, conference rooms and any architectural space where acoustic and aesthetic looks are of main concerned.


ISTIQ Acoustic Wall Systems consider two essential factors to achieve the required room specifications. They are acoustical and aesthetical designs.

As far as acoustics is concerned, Reverberation Time (RT), rate of decay of multiple sound reflections, is the most crucial point to consider. It can affect how well people understand speech, and it can also change the way music sounds.

The second point is to consider the aesthetical design of the room. The regular flat, square panels can be transformed into state-of-the-art panels after being erected in any shape and size.

ISTIQ Acoustic Wall Systems ensure the uniqueness and sophisticated interior looks of any desired rooms.


ISTIQ Acoustic Wall Systems are made to different densities to cater any type of acoustic environment. The products are manufactured from two kinds of acoustic infill which are rockwool and fibre glass. These are the main elements that control the sound.

The top layer of the materials used for the panelling are the choice of fabrics, wooden panels or decorative perforated sheet. These layers not only provide different measurement to the RT but also give superb finishing.

Their superior tensile strength allows both high performance and cost-effective with ease of installation. Different infill with different densities is specially selected to give the optimum overall noise absorption coefficient.


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